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Repair Pet Spots Easily When Needed - Seed Rolls Do Not Expire!

The Fast & Easy Way To Spot Repair!

  • Grows Fast
  • Grows Thicks
  • Grows Anywhere


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Buy a backup or 2 — each roll lasts for years

Fix your pet spots in 5 minutes or less

Dog urine contains high levels of nitrogen that kills grass. You can’t bring it back to life, but with Patchtrax you can fix it in 5 minutes or less. Just prep, lay, and water for lush green grass that blends right in!

  • Quick & Easy
  • Works Anywhere
  • Fast Growing

Keep a roll around so it's there when you need it!

Store Patchtrax in a cool, dark place and it will last for years.

The Perfect Size For Easy Lawn Repair

Patching dog spots is fast and easy with our 2.25” waste free rolls.

Premium Seed + Time Released Fertilizer

Seed, mulch, fertilizer: Patchtrax contains everything you need to regrow lush, green grass with ease.

Biodegradable Fabric Soaks Up Water

Our unique design soaks 6x its weight in water, so you can water less and grow more.

Money-Back Guarantee

If Patchtrax doesn’t do the job, we’ll give you a full refund.
Plain and simple.

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Q: How does Patchtrax work?
A: Patchtrax makes growing an envy worthy lawn as easy as possible. Simply remove the dead grass, tear off enough Patchtrax strips to cover the area, water, and watch it grow!
Q: Will Patchtrax blend well with my existing lawn?
A: Yes, Patchtrax is a blend of all the grasses found in your region, you can select from northern (cool) or southern (warm) climates.
Q: How do I know if Patchtrax will work for my lawn?
A: To put it simply, Patchtrax works ANYWHERE — in any climate and even in areas where grass is traditionally more difficult to grow, like in the shade and on hills. It works because Patchtrax merges the latest in seed science with high-tech turf technology (the same fast growth formula used by elite golf courses and high-end resorts around the country).
The seeds: Patchtrax uses proprietary seed blends custom designed to grow in all climates.
The turf: Our Bio paper holds seeds in place, protecting them from birds and making sure they stay put. Normally growing seed on slopes doesn’t work because irrigation or rain wash the seed and fertilizer down the slope. This turf material holds up to 6x its weight in water, keeping your seeds well-hydrated, and slowly releases fertilizer over time to keep seeds nourished.
Q: Why is Patchtrax a 2” strip?
A: Because dog spots are very irregular in shape and size — laying smaller strips is easier to cover irregular shapes, and zero waste.
Q: Do I have to worry about Patchtrax seeds being eaten by birds or washed away by rains?
A: Not with Patchtrax! Spreading loose seed is an inefficient way to grow grass, because the seeds will be eaten by birds and washed away by heavy rains. But Patchtrax’s patented biodegradable compost fabric keeps your seed protected from birds and firmly in place — even through strong winds and rains.
Q: How long does it take for the patch to grow in?
A: You will see new growth from approximately 7-10 days and will continue to grow and thicken over time.
Q: How many patches can I fix with a roll of Patchtrax ?
A: That depends on the size of your patches, big dogs leave large burns and small dogs very small, but on average between 15 and 20 spots.
Q: Is Patchtrax only for Dog Spots ?
A: No Patchtrax can be used for any patching areas and is perfect for smaller irregular shapes at the strip is easy to trim to shape, tear or with scissors.
Q: What kind of seed does Patchtrax use?
A: Not all grass seed is created equal. That’s why Patchtrax uses only premium quality, certified weed-free Oregon seed designed to grow in all climates: sun or shade, warm or cool. Just choose the “Cool Season” or “Warm Season” version of Patchtrax depending on your climate, and rest assured that your lawn will be filled with the highest quality grass available.

We’re so sure you’ll love GrowTrax we’re offering 3 separate guarantees to make it 100% clear you have absolutely NOTHING to lose when you buy today!

Perfect Amount

Guarantee +

Not sure how many rolls you need? Not to worry. Order a few extra to make sure you have enough, and we’ll buy back any complete rolls you don’t use.

Lowest Price

Guarantee +

You’ll never find GrowTrax for a cheaper price—not even on Amazon. And if you do, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund you the difference.

100% Satisfaction


If you don’t LOVE the thick, lush new grass you’ll get from using GrowTrax, just let us know in 30 days and we’ll gladly give you a full refund.