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No need to guess how much GrowTrax you’ll need. Take the quiz and we can pinpoint how many rolls you’ll need for your project!

Patch & Repair
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Quick Fix Roll

Each GrowTrax roll contains the latest technology, high-quality seed from leading Oregon growers.

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50 SQ FT

Large Projects
  • Patches
  • Repairs

New Lawn Roll

Super lightweight and easy to roll out or cut into patches. Every GrowTrax roll includes seed, fertilizer and mulch 3-in-1 grass growing solution.

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200 SQ FT

For Shaded Areas
  • Patches
  • Repairs

Whole Lawn Shade

The versatile "Shade & Sun Blend" for moderate light conditions and the resilient "Deep Shade Grass" for low-light areas, ensuring lush, healthy lawns in any environment.

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200 SQ FT

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Voted Best New Product at the Worlds most respected Hardware Show

Proudly Made
In The USA

Proudly grown, assembled & Government Certified in the USA


Easy & Quick Lushious Wildflowers that grow Anywhere!

Seeded Wildflower Blanket grows beautiful wildflowers effortlessly, anywhere you want, with GrowTrax foolproof seed mat. Flowers Bloom in Spring, Summer, and Early Fall. Perfect for pots, flower beds, large areas, and walkways! Contains everything needed to grow flowers, all you need is water & sun!

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"Simply the most economical method for establishing high quality turfgrass"
Marc Eubanks, Golf Course Superintendent

Everything Needed To Grow Thick, Lush Grass

Bio Compost Fabric

Our unique design retains 6x its weight in water, so you water less and grow more.

Grows Anywhere, Contains Grass Seed and Time Release Fertilizer

Seed, mulch, fertilizer


Happy Customers With Beautiful Lawns


Super lightweight and easy to roll out or cut into patches. Every GrowTrax roll includes seed, fertilizer and mulch combined together into the simplest grass growing solution. Simply roll, water, and watch it grow.

Simply roll, water and watch it grow.

Works for All Lawns & Climates

Get the GrowTrax roll for your neck of the woods. Each Bio roll contains only the highest quality, certified weed free and award-winning Oregon seed. Take the quick and simple Quiz and see what varietal is right for your lawn.

Award Winning, Best Product Gold Award

GrowTrax won the #1 best product at the National Hardware Show in the Lawn, Garden and Outdoor Living category.

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No need to guess how much GrowTrax you'll need. Take the quiz and we can pinpoint how many rolls you'll need for your project!

Create Your Perfect Lawn

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