How To Install GrowTrax

Helpful Tips:

  • Seed will begin to grow in 7 to 10 days (25 to 30 days for Bermuda)
  • Start Mowing when grass is 3" tall, but don’t Mow when grass is wet (new roots too delicate)
  • If in doubt, water more rather than less, Growtrax should always be wet after laying.


When to Plant:
Spring and fall are the best times to grow new grass, spring planting or repair is best when the weather is consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, fall planting or repairs should be completed six to eight weeks prior to temperatures dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. DO NOT LAY DURING PERIODS OF STRONG WINDS.


As with planting any type of seed, good preparation of the area is essential, do not lay GrowTrax over any existing grass or vegetation, GrowTrax must touch the soil it is to grow on, so clear all old grass vegetation, loosen the top 2 inches of soil with a rake and create a smooth surface free of any debris, if you want to add mulch or topsoil (not necessary) make sure you till into the existing soil, GrowTrax works best when touching actual soil rather than mulch.

Set up:

GrowTrax always comes as a roll and can be cut to size or shape by tearing or cutting with scissors, for example if you have a semi round pet spot tear or cut the GrowTrax to match the damaged area to be repaired.


Correct watering is key to growing your GrowTrax grass, once you are happy your GrowTrax patch fills the area to be fixed or the roll is rolled out to the desired area, water thoroughly with a spray nozzle on a "Shower" type setting. Do Not apply a forceful jet of water to GrowTrax.

Water 2 to 3 times a day to keep GrowTrax wet until the new seeds start to grow and grass blades have reached 3 inches tall, at this stage it's OK to mow along with the rest of the lawn...when in doubt water more than less but don’t Mow when the new young grass is wet as it can ‘pull’ and damage the new roots.



Frequent watering is crucial to growing success, keep GrowTrax constantly wet for the first three weeks and until well established. Failure to keep GrowTrax moistened will reduce germination percentage.