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  • Lower cost and easier than laying sod
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Did Summer Damage Your Lawn?
Grotrax Is The Simple Solution

Grotrax Is All You Need For An Amazing Lawn

Patch & Repair Dead Spots

Fix dead or dry patches with ease using our Patch & Repair kit! Before you know it, your lawn will be lush and spotless.

Regrow Your Entire Lawn

Need to cover a large area? Just use our New Lawn roll to quickly and easily fill your lawn with beautiful green grass.

Works in Tough-to-Grow Areas!

Grotrax works like magic in areas that are traditionally difficult to grow—like under trees, in the shade, and on slopes or hills.

See Grotrax in Action

Grotrax works so well—in all climates, on all lawns, in direct sun or complete shade—sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Here are just a few of the thousands of lawns that are now lush, green, and beautiful thanks to Grotrax:

The Patented Science Behind Grotrax

The Same Fast-Growth Formula Used by Elite Golf Courses & Resorts

Immediate & time-released fertilizer keeps grass nourished and thriving
Premium, certified, weed-free Oregon seed blend designed to grow in all climates
Biodegradable compost fabric soaks up 6x its weight in water—so you water less and grow more

Ready To Make Your Perfect Lawn A Reality?

Just answer 3 simple questions and we’ll recommend the perfect Grotrax product for your needs:

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How Big Is Your Lawn?

Let’s figure out how many rolls of Grotrax you’ll need. Please enter the dimensions of your lawn, OR enter the total square feet. (As with most home improvement projects, it’s always better to overestimate and have a little left over, rather than not having enough.)

Measure Your Lawn:

Total Square Feet

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Estimate Your Project Size

Not sure how much area you need to cover? Here’s an easy way to get a close estimate. Remember: as with most home improvement projects, it’s always better to overestimate and have a little left over, rather than not having enough.

How Many 2-Car Garages Would Fit In Your Project?

Average 2-Car Garage = 400 Sq. Ft.

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Where Do You Live?

Next, let’s figure out what type of seeds will thrive best in your area. If you’re right on the border between regions, don’t worry: our seeds are versatile and either one will work.

Region 1

Year Round Green Seed

Region 2

Bermuda Rye Seed

Where Do You Live?

Next, let’s figure out what type of seeds will thrive best in your area. If you’re right on the border between regions, don’t worry: our seeds are versatile and either one will work.

Region 1

Blue Rye

Region 2

Tall Fescue

Region 3

Bermuda Rye Seed

Here’s Exactly What You Need For Your Project:

This will give you the right amount of Grotrax, using the perfect seed mixture for your climate. It’s the easiest way to get the lawn you want—order today and start seeing green grass in just days!

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  • The easiest, most effective way to grow a lush, green lawn
  • Blends in naturally with existing grass
  • Just roll, water, & watch it grow!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to arrive?

A: We normally ship your Grotrax™ order within 2 to 3 business days of when you place your order, and most orders arrive within 5 to 7 days from there, in the current C19 crisis orders are taking a few extra days in the shipping process so please allow a bit extra to receive your order.

Q: How much work is required?

A: Grotrax makes growing an envy-worthy lawn as easy as possible. Simply roll it over the area where you want grass, water it, and watch it grow!

How do I know if Grotrax will work for my lawn?

A: To put it simply, Grotrax works ANYWHERE—in any climate and even in areas where grass is traditionally more difficult to grow, like in the shade and on hills. It works because Grotrax merges the latest in seed science with high-tech turf technology (the same fast-growth formula used by golf courses and high-end resorts around the country).

The seeds: Grotrax uses proprietary seed blends custom-designed to grow in all climates. Our Grotrax Blue Rye is great for cold climates. The Grotrax Tall Fescue is good for "Cool/Moderate" climates. And, the Grotrax Bermuda is great for hot or extremely hot temperatures.

The turf: Our Bio paper holds seeds in place, protecting them from birds and making sure they stay put. (Normally growing seed on slopes doesn’t work because irrigation or rain wash the seed and fertilizer down the slope.) This turf material holds up to 6x its weight in water, keeping your seeds well-hydrated, and slowly releases fertilizer over time to keep seeds nourished.

Q: Do I have to worry about Grotrax seeds being eaten by birds or washed away by rains?

A: Not with Grotrax! Spreading loose seed is an inefficient way to grow grass, because the seeds will be eaten by birds and washed away by heavy rains. But Grotrax’s patented biodegradable compost fabric keeps your seed protected from birds and firmly in place—even through strong winds and rains.

Q: What kind of seed does Grotrax use?

A: Not all grass seed is created equal. That’s why Grotrax uses only premium-quality, certified weed-free Oregon seed. We also offer a handful of seed options, depending on your climate, to ensure your new lawn will thrive no matter what part of the country you live in.

Year Round Green, aka “Shade & Sun Blend,” includes tall, fine and chewing fescue grasses, together with a unique combination of perennial rye and Kentucky blue. This combination ensures success in a wide variety of situations. Whether shaded or sunny, warm or cold, our high-quality, concentrated year-round green mixture quickly germinates to create an attractive turf with excellent color, density and wear tolerance. It fights weed invasion and is disease resistant. It is an excellent all-round choice and includes immediate and slow release fertilizers!

Tall Fescue has excellent wear characteristics due to its deep rooting, persistent nature. It tolerates moderate drought, is resistant to insect attack and disease and stays green year-round. It is a popular choice for ball fields, parks and residential lawns. Best suited for warm, transition zone climates.

Kentucky Blue & Perennial Rye Blend Dense, is an attractive, lower-growing turf that is a versatile, rugged performer. With perennial rye in the mix, it produces immediate year-round results and stays green year-round. It offers an exceptional ability to recuperate and fill in after periods of stress and use. Best suited for cold winter regions.

Bermuda & Rye Blend thrives during the summer heat. With annual rye in the mix, it produces year-round results. Bermuda grasses go dormant in the winter, but Grotrax™ Bermuda offers excellent winter kill resistance, is drought tolerant, and produces exceptional spring "green-up" compared to other Bermuda grasses. Best suited for lower and middle south regions.

We’re so sure you’ll love GrowTrax we’re offering 3 separate guarantees to make it 100% clear you have absolutely NOTHING to lose when you buy today!

Perfect Amount

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Not sure how many rolls you need? Not to worry. Order a few extra to make sure you have enough, and we’ll buy back any complete rolls you don’t use.

Lowest Price

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You’ll never find GrowTrax for a cheaper price—not even on Amazon. And if you do, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund you the difference.

100% Satisfaction


If you don’t LOVE the thick, lush new grass you’ll get from using GrowTrax, just let us know in 30 days and we’ll gladly give you a full refund.